Summer 2028 Olympic
Los Angeles National Bid for the Olympics

Summer 2028 Olympic
Los Angeles National Bid for the Olympics

Mayor Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles and the Wasserman Group tasked 72andSunny to create the bid for the 2024* Summer Olympic Games. Los Angeles, a city that had already won twice before, was up against Boston, DC, and San Francisco to host the global event. Though the international bid was moved to 2028, our concept remained the same: Los Angeles a city that stands apart from all others. It is eternally optimistic and powered by the sun. It is a place of optimism and innovation that is fueled by the constant rising and setting of the sun. It is a city that people flock to make a name for themselves. 

My team partnered with Elon Musk and SolarCity to propose an entirely solar powered Olympics. We created a day long event for the International Olympic Committee that began with a helicopter ride from Santa Monica to Downtown LA to show event locations, followed by a guided tour via the Metro from DTLA to Beverly Hills, and ended with a dinner in a tennis court-sized dining hall playing 360 views of the city and our campaign film.

* Our team originally pitched for the 2024 Olympics. Los Angeles ended up losing the bid to Paris but winning the 2028 Summer Olympic bid. 

Role  Art Director
Team  David G Wilson, Hoffman Brothers, Adam Frisch
Agency  72andSunny
Client  Los Angeles City
Production  Hoffman Bros



We shot the velodrome in 360 so that the scene would wrap the entire dinner space.


The International Olympic Committee watched the film in a tennis-court sized hall in the Hollywood Hills. The walls were filled with helicopter shots of the city and eventually the campaign film.

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 4.26.45 PM

We created a digital experience for the IOC to interact with during their helicopter tour. It gave insights on event venues throughout the five “clusters” of the city.  


Artist's renderings of the Coliseum for LA 2024 with my art direction. 


Artist's renderings of LA Live for LA 2024.


Amber Pietrzyk — Art Direction & Design

Based in Oakland
Currently at Google